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CS606 - Compiler Construction - Lecture Handout 28

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LR(1) Skeleton Parser

stack.push(dummy); stack.push(0);
done = false; token = scanner.next();
while (!done) {
s = stack.top();
if( Action[s,token] == “reduce A→β”) {
s = stack.top();

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MGT504 - Organization Theory and Design - Lecture Handout 18

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A primary way many companies are using information technology as a strategic weapon is through electronic commerce, or e-commerce. One only needs to think of Amazon.com, which created huge headaches for bookstores such as Barnes & Noble and Borders---and which has a market value higher than all the bricks-and-mortar bookstores in the world combined – in order to understand the significance of e-commerce in today’s business world. E- Commerce can be useful for either a low –cost leadership or a differentiation strategy.

E-commerce is a very broad term, which basically means any commercial activity that takes place by digital processes over a computer network. E-commerce replaces or enhances the exchange of money and product with the exchange of information from one computer to another. As such, applications such as EDI, extranets, and so forth are all aspects of e-commerce. Today, most e-commerce takes place on the intranet. Two aspect of ecommerce are business-to-business transactions and business – to –customer transactions. Market researchers at International Data Corporation predict that the amount of overall e-commerce will top $ 1 trillion by 2003.

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