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MGT510 - Total Quality Management - Lecture Handout 37

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How Quality is implemented? A dialogue with a Quality Manager

After listening to the discussion on quality in Pakistan, we are happy that Pakistani managers are as concerned about quality in their companies as any country in the world. The globe is approachable by every customer now and we need to understand that a competitor can emerge from any where in the world over night.

Post WTO and internet based economy era put a lot of pressure on mangers to deal with customers of 21st century, who are more aware and are more demanding and want innovation their products or services and also at lower price.

In other words, decreasing price should not lower the quality of offerings otherwise company may loose their market to another local or multi-national supplier. One has to understand the demands of their market and deliver them at a price which is acceptable to them with no sacrifice on quality, speed and attributes.

This requires from future managers of Pakistan to be more innovative, more effective, more intelligent, more enterprising and confident to face the globe with excellent leadership qualities. This is what the message and the moral of the dialogue is from Mr. Abdul Hakim Chishti, (Chartered Accountant and Quality Manager).

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