MGT504 - Organization Theory and Design - Lecture Handout 45

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In this handout only the topics which are covered in this course would be listed so that students know what to take from this course. Following is the summary of the topics discussed in this course:

  • What’s an organization?
  • Importance of organizations. Can we ignore them? (examples of daily life)
  • Organizations as systems, open systems
  • Dimensions of organizational design: Structural and Contextual dimensions
  • Strategic management
  • Organizational purpose, mission, vision, goals
  • Generic strategies of organizations (Porter’s strategies)
  • Organizational effectiveness
  • Contingency approaches: Goal approach, RBV, Internal process approach
  • Organizational structure
  • Vertical information linkages
  • Horizontal information linkages
  • Functional, divisional and geographical structures
  • Matrix structure
  • Horizontal structure
  • Boundary less organizations
  • Hybrid structure
  • External environment
  • Environmental uncertainty
  • Adapting to uncertainty through positions and departments, buffering and boundary spanning
  • Differentiation Vs integration
  • Mechanistic and organic designs
  • Organizational ecosystems
  • Population ecology model (variation, selection and retention)
  • Organizational level manufacturing technologies
  • Service Vs manufacturing firms
  • Departmental technologies, Variety and Analyzability
  • Departmental design
  • IT and KM
  • Inter organizational relationships
  • Organizational size
  • Organizational life cycle
  • Organizational control systems; market, bureaucratic and clan controls
  • Organizational culture
  • Ethical values
  • Change management
  • Decision making in organizations
  • Rational and bounded rationality and intuitive decision making
  • Conflict, power and politics
  • Contemporary trends: Globalization

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