MGT602 - Entrepreneurship - Lecture Handout 42

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DECISIONS (Continued….)


In the early stages, the entrepreneur should focus on developing awareness of the products offered.

Publicity is free advertising provided by a media outlet. Many local media encourage entrepreneurs to participate in their programs. The entrepreneur can increase the opportunity for getting exposure by preparing a news release and sending it to as many media sources as possible. For radio or TV, the entrepreneur should identify programs that may encourage local
entrepreneurs to participate. Free publicity can only introduce the company. Advertising can be focused on specific customers.

Internet Advertising

The Internet is an excellent medium to create awareness and to effectively support early launch strategies. Creating a website is the most important first stage. The website should indicate: Background of the company. Its products, officers, address, telephone and fax numbers. Contact names for potential sales. Direct sales from the website may also be available. Significant advertising is needed to create interest and awareness of the existence of the website. It is important to change the content of the website as necessary. The entrepreneur may also consider using a banner ad, small rectangular ads similar to billboard ads that appear on browser websites.

Trade Shows

Every industry has a trade or professional association that sponsors annual trade shows. Although creating a booth can be very expensive, trade shows are where hundreds of thousands of people observe or identify trends in their industry. There is strong evidence to indicate that the cost per sale from a trade show is significantly less than the cost per sale from a personal sales call.

Selecting an Advertising Agency

Advertising agencies can provide many promotional services. The advertising agency is an independent business organization composed of creative and business people who develop, prepare, and place advertising in media for its customers. The agency can provide assistance in marketing research. It is important to determine whether the agency can fulfill all of the needs of the new venture. A checklist of items that the entrepreneur may consider in evaluating an agency is useful. The agency should support the marketing program and assist the entrepreneur in getting the product effectively launched.


If the entrepreneur has no expertise in financial analysis, marketing research, or promotion, he or she should hire outside experts. There are accountants, financial experts, and advertising agencies that cater to new ventures.

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