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CS201 ... DevC++ Installation and Usage Guidelines

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DevC++ Installation and Usage Guidelines

Dear students,

You can download the DevC++ tool from the Downloads page of CS201 over the VU-LMS. There you will find three different versions of DevC++ such as:

Version 5.9
Typically you should go for the version if 32-bit OS is installed on your system and install the version if your OS is 64-bit. The version 5.9 is the latest version and is compatible with both 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems. Therefore most recommended version is 5.9.

Following are the URLs where you can download the setups for these versions:





DevC++ 5.9


After Downloading DevC++ setup, you should follow the instructions/guidelines provided in the following documents:

DevCpp Installation Guide

How to write your first program in DevC++

Please note that installation procedure of all the DevC++ versions is almost the same as provided in the document “DevCpp installation guide”.

All the necessary guidelines for setting up and using DevC++ are available in the above mentioned documents.

If you still face any issue related to DevC++, you are most welcome to discuss it on MDB or through the email.