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Tips for Avoiding Tangled Wigs

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As everyone with wigs knows, wigs also be tangled like Brazilian Hair, and the problem of tangling would be more serious if they were long-haired wigs. Than, why are people's wigs entangled?The most important point, maybe your wig is not well
maintained and will eventually get entangled. The quality of lace front wigs should not be neglected. Bad wigs may be overprocessed, which can tangle and wear in various situations. This extra-thick curly wig is more likely to dry up, damage and tangle. Meanwhile, bad weather conditions should be avoided. Now you understand why your wig is entangled. Let's look for super simple ways to prevent tangles and wigs.
Step 1: Wash wigs
Cleaning care is a good way to avoid entanglement.In winter, if the hot water is not washed with cold water after washing, the cuticle of your hair will open, causing the hair to curl and tangle when it is dry. Rinse your hair with cold water, which helps to seal the stratum corneum, to make sure it's dry and to prevent tangling. Washing wigs helps to Restore vitality your wigs and make them last longer.
Step 2: adjust your wig
A suitable conditioner is essential to achieve thorough cleansing and smooth hair against tangles. Protect hair element action is to make the cuticle of hair silk smooth, make smooth cuticle won't tangle with hair silk.And blow-drying your wig is an essential part of our daily lives. Do not wipe towel on the hair, should use towel to wrap the end of the hair, squeeze redundant moisture. Then give your towel a chance to continue soaking the excess moisture in your hair and keep the wig dry.
Step 3: comb the wig
There are a lot of wig combs and hairbrushes on the market, usually with wide toothed bristles, which can disperse pressure evenly and prevent unnecessary strain wigs. If there are large knots, gently untie them with your fingertips. Then work your way down until you have a super soft, beautifully brushed wig.
Tips for keeping your curly wig unknotted
Tip 1: use quality hair care products
The quality of the products you use can change the texture of your wig. So be sure to use a good conditioner and shampoo. You can use a moisturizing product to moisturize your wig. Beacause the dry hair can cause knots.
Suggestion 2: do hair mask at least once a week
Doing a wig mask once a week, even for a short time, can significantly improve the condition of your hair. Protect hair face film is a kind of very effective nurse a method, it can make the hair recovers moisture and restore the nutrition that lose, make the hair silky and exquisite, burnish is healthy, just can knot not easily.And you should less hot tools hairdryers and splints can cause dry, brittle hair, while dry Straight Hair is more likely to become tangled.
Tip 3: don't wear a wig when you sleep
When you sleep, you should remove your wig and cover it with a soft silk material to avoid pressing and creating too many knots.
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