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PIFRA – Online Salary Slip Registration for Government Employees

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PIFRA is a project by the government of Pakistan for the employees of the government sector. If you are a Gov. Servant then you certainly be aware of this project, and if you are a newbie and want to get things straight, then kindly read this guide path carefully.
The word PIFRA is a short term for the phrase, Project to Improve Financial Reporting and Auditing. As the name of the project itself showing the meaning of the project very well. This is the program to improve the financial and auditing system of Pakistan. So that’s why the government has introduced the online salary system for their employees and this online system is more convenient and less anomaly.
Receive your PIFRA Salary Slip via Email
So you are wondering how you can receive your PIFRA salary slip online. Never be curious again, your PIFRA payslip will be starting to deliver via email once you get to register with the system.
Becoming a part of this project is so informal, if you have an email account with a stable internet connection, then you are about to become a member of the system.
If you are still confused then let me make the things straight for you. The first step is the registration for PIFRA and then we will step up further.
How to Fill PIFRA Registration Form?

If you are a newcomer and you just have joined any government job, then you are in the right place. Most of the newbies become confused when they start to get register with PIFRA. Although the process is so easy and required nothing but some personal details.
You just need to be the focus and follow the procedure step by step, just make sure you have all the following credentials for fill up in the PIFRA registration form.
Please collect and note down the following details for the successful PIFRA registration.
Note down your CNIC number
Your Full Name
Your mobile phone number, it is mandatory to provide your own cell phone number
Government code (see all government code list below)
Your date of birth as mention on your CNIC
State or Provence (Sindh, Punjab, KPK, Baluchistan)
The last and very obligatory, your E-mail address
Note down all details and credentials and make it ready to get register with the PIFRA.
PIFRA Registration Process
Now you know what kind of details you are required to get the registration smooth so let’s start the registration process.
1. Got to the official website of PIFRA Registration
2. On the official website, you will be redirected to the main page for the registration process
3.  Now a registration form will be there that you have to fill out
4. Now fill that form with the all above-mentioned details correctly
Note: be very careful while submitting your email address, an invalid email address will lead you to the failure of receiving your salary slip.
Use only Gmail email address, Yahoo email is no longer supported.
5. After filling the all details correctly, just submit the PIFRA registration form by clicking the submit button below.
That’s all, you would be a member of PIFRA after this forum submission, your PIFRA salary slip will email to you by the following month.
PIFRA Gov Pk Codes
For your assistance, we are providing all government codes for the registration of Pifra payslip.

Baluchistan : B
Punjab: P
Sindh: S
Federal: F
Kashmir Council: K
District Government Punjab: DGP
District Government KPK: DGN
Kashmir: K
Gilgit Baltistan: GB

How to get PIFRA salary slip online?
Once you become a member of the project, you don’t need to do anything to get your monthly salary slip from the PIFRA.
This is the automatic system and an employee does need to do struggle for it.
At the beginning of every month, from 1st to 7 of the month, your salary slip will be emailed to you regularly.
If you are facing the problem while receiving the PIFRA pay slip then you need to contact the government.
PIFRA Pay slip check
In most of the cases, the salary slip goes to the Spam or Promotion folder of the Gmail account. Just make sure you are not missing it in that folders.
If you still do not receive the salary slip, just contact the government immediately.
Contact PIFRA Officially
In normal circumstances, your monthly PIFRA salary slip will be delivered to your email address automatically.
For any problem and inconvenience, please contact on the following details:
Email Address: unsubscribe@pifra.gov.pk
Hot Lines Phone Number: 051-9107248

Visit: https://pifra.pk/

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