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Justice for Zainab

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I am Zainab. I am seven years old. I was the eighth child of my parents. I live in Kasur. I was assaulted by beasts in human garb who murdered me mercilessly.

Lying in my grave, I remember my father say that he enjoys my giggles the most. He says to me, “It is a great feeling to make my little doll laugh.” I burst into a pensive smile on this thought.

Little as I am, little are my dreams and desires. I like beautiful flowers of all colors especially red ones. Everyone who I meet especially my parents say that I am like flower. I ask them how I am flower. They say I am as tender and lovely as a red rose.

I say to mother I like colors. I demand them to buy me pencil colors. I like to play with colors. I draw pictures and color them.

In my dreams, I see myself as princess as my mother calls me her princess. I have never seen any princess in my short life. But, my pink dress which my father bought on previous Eid always made me feel as though I am a princess.

Now, the pitched dark of the grave is upsetting me. I remember my mother who used to ask me if she wanted to get something from my father. She said to me, “You are daddy’s little girl. His hearts softens as he looks at you.”

We want Justice for Zainab

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very sad news i don't understand what to say about it