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CS605 - Software Engineering II - Lecture Handout 40

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Forward Engineering

At the end forward engineering is carried out. It means incorporating the new business processes and rules in the system. Forward engineering requires application of SE principles, methods, and concepts to re-create an existing application. In most cases forward engineering does not simply create a modern equivalent of an older program, rather new user and technology requirements are integrated into the reengineering effort.

The Economics of Reengineering

As reengineering is a costly and risky undertaking, a cost benefit analysis for the reengineering effort must be carried out.

This analysis is carried out in the following manner.


P1 : current annual maintenance cost for an application
P2 : current annual operation cost for an application
P3 : current annual business value of an application
P4 : predicted annual maintenance cost after reengineering
P5 : predicted annual operations cost after reengineering
P6 : predicted annual business value cost after reengineering
P7 : estimated reengineering cost
P8 : estimated reengineering calendar time
P9 : reengineering risk factor (1.0 is nominal)
L   : expected life of the system

Now the cost of maintenance is calculated as:

C maintenance = [P3 – (P1 + P2)] x L

Cost of reengineering would then be given by the formula:

C reengineering = [P6 – (P4 + P5) x (L – P8) – (P7 x P9)]