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MGT603 - Strategic Management - Lecture Handout 42

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Learning objectives

This topic covers various aspects concerning with the strategy evaluation and enables you to understand the process of strategy evaluation.

Four Criteria (Richard Rummelt): He explains four criteria for strategy valuation. These four criteria are as follow

  • Consistency
  • Consonance
  • Feasibility
  • Advantage

Strategy should not present inconsistent goals and policies.

  • Conflict and interdepartmental bickering symptomatic of managerial disorder and strategic inconsistency

Need for strategies to examine sets of trends

  • Adaptive response to external environment
  • Trends are results of interactions among other trends

Neither overtaxes resources nor creates unsolvable sub problems

  • Organizations must demonstrate the abilities, competencies, skills and talents to carry out a given strategy

Creation or maintenance of competitive advantage

MGT603 - Strategic Management - Lecture Handout 29

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Learning objective

Grand strategy matrix is a last matrix of matching strategy formulation framework. It same as important as BCG, IE and other matrices. This chapter enables you to understand the preparation of GS matrix

This chapter also enables you to understand the last stage (decision stage) of strategy formulation frame work and also explain that how it is prepared

Grand Strategy Matrix

This is also an important matrix of strategy formulation frame work. Grand strategy matrix it is popular tool for formulating alternative strategies. In this matrix all organization divides into four quadrants. Any organization should be placed in any one of four quadrants. Appropriate strategies for an organization to consider are listed in sequential order of attractiveness in each quadrant of the matrix. It is based two major dimensions

  1. Market growth
  2. Competitive position

All quadrant contain all possible strategies

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