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MGT604 - Management of Financial Institutions - Lecture Handout 07

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Agricultural Credit Department

Established under Section 8(3) of SBP Act 1956, is mainly responsible to meet credit needs of agriculture that being the mainstay of Pakistan’s economy generates nearly one fourth of the total out put and 44% of total employment and is the major source of foreign exchange earning.

  • To operate as a focal point in SBP for all agriculture and rural finance policies, programs and projects.
  • To assess/estimate the credit needs of farm & non farm sector in rural areas.
    To review the issues and challenges faced and developments taking place in agriculture and rural finance both in the country and elsewhere to develop an adequate knowledge and information base for policy formulation etc
  • To formulate agri & rural finance policies in consultation with stakeholders to ensure adequate flow of institutional credit in rural areas.
  • To monitor growth and trends in agri /rural finance portfolio of banks & financial institutions.
  • To collect periodical agri/rural finance data for analysis, policy formulation and dissemination to general public.
  • To advise Federal and Provincial Governments, Banks, Cooperative Banks & agriculture chambers on agri & rural finance issues.
  • To initiate and undertake information dissemination and awareness building programs for farmers and special training programs for commercial banks.
  • To build SBP rural and agriculture finance capacity
  • To operate as a Secretariat for Agriculture Credit Advisory Committee (ACAC)

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CS507 - Information Systems - Lecture Handout 14

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No information system can exist in an organization without being linked with other functional information systems. This linkage is important for the over all smooth functionality of the information system since it allows easy transformation and usage of information.

  • Marketing
    Production subsystem needs to be linked with the marketing system so as to produce right amount of product.
  • Human resource system
    Most of the human resource is involved in the manufacturing process. Since factory premises has to be working continuously, availability of relevant labour is critical.
  • Accounts and Finance
    Accounts should have a control over various recording points in the entire process from procurement to finished good store room. This would help both in recording transactions for financial statements and approving and arranging for cash payments.

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