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CS606 - Compiler Construction - Lecture Handout 37

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Here is the bottom-up parse of the assignment statement a = b*-c + b*-c and the syntax-directed translation into three-address code.

Parser action attribute Three- address code
id=id ∗ –id + id ∗ –id    
id=E1 ∗ –id + id ∗ –id E1.place = b  
id=E1 ∗ –E2 + id ∗ –id E2.place = c  
id=E1 ∗ E2 + id ∗ –id E2.place = t1 t1 = – c
id=E1 + id ∗ –id E1.place = t2 t2 = b∗t1
id=E1 + E2 ∗ –id E2.place = b  
id=E1 + E2 ∗ –E3 E3.place = c  
id=E1 + E2 ∗ E3 E3.place = t3 t3 = – c
id=E1 + E2 E2.place = t4 t4 = b∗t3
id=E1 E1.place = t5 t5 = t2+t4
S   a = t5

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MGT601 - SME Management - Lecture Handout 26

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Talented employees are the key assets of the company. The problem with small business entrepreneur is that it cannot afford the luxury of a full time specialist in personnel area. The entrepreneur himself is generally a novice and tends to look after this aspect rather haphazardly. Either the owner personally takes care of the personnel function or delegates it to an employee who performs it along with his main job. The general tendency is to hire the first person who comes the way and accepts the lowest salary. Their basic thrust is on marketing, regarded as primary to existence.

Defining Job Requirement

The pre-requisite to efficient selection is the systematic defining of requirements of each task. The identification process has three phases;

  • Conducting job analysis,
  • Developing job descriptions, and
  • Preparing job specifications.

Job Analysis

It is the process of investigation and collection of pertinent information about each task in terms of skill, abilities, duties and responsibilities. It covers;

  1. Job title,
  2. Department to which it relates,
  3. Line of supervision,
  4. Description of job including major and minor duties
  5. Relationship with other jobs i.e. promotional avenues. Transfer, possibilities, experience required etc.
  6. Unique job characteristics (location, physical setting),
  7. Type of material and equipment used,
  8. Educational qualifications,
  9. Experience,
  10. Mental and manual dexterity,
  11. Physical requirements,
  12. Working conditions.

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