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CS615 - Software Project Management - Lecture Handout 33

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Work Breakdown Structure

WBS- A Mandatory Management Tool

The WBS as a project management tool

Mapping WBS for Cost Management

In a product-oriented WBS, functional categories of work may form "cost accounts" within a WBS element. Cost account managers are responsible for a functional area’s contribution to a WBS element. Cost accounts from several departments or functions may combine into one WBS element.

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MGT504 - Organization Theory and Design - Lecture Handout 23

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Process Controls

  1. Feed forward control
  2. Concurrent control
  3. Feedback control

The popularity of the organizational culture topic raises a number of questions. Can we identify cultures? Can culture be aligned with strategy? How can cultures be managed or changed? The best place to start is by defining culture and explaining how it can identify in organizations.


Culture is the set of values, guiding beliefs, understandings, and ways of thinking that is shared by members of an organization and taught to new members as correct. It represents the unwritten, felling part of the organization. Everyone participates in culture, but culture generally goes unnoticed. It is only when organizations try to implement new strategies or programs that go against basic culture norms and values that they come face to face with the power of culture.

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