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MGT601 - SME Management - Lecture Handout 33

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Marketing Decision Variables

  1. Marketing Controllable Variable
    • Target Market Segment
      • Location
      • Target customers
      • Timing
    • Products offered
      • Type of product
      • Range of product
      • Design features
      • Quality
    • Price
      • Price level
      • Price variables (discount)
      • Maintenance
    • Advertisement & Promotion
      • Advertising level
      • Advertising media
      • Sales promotion
    • Distrbution.
      • Channels
      • Number of sales outlets
      • Warehousing facility
    • Servicng

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MGT601 - SME Management - Lecture Handout 31

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This lecture is dealing with the quality standardization under WTO.

Quality Control Programs in Developing Countries

  • Establish Strong National Leadership & Q.C Society.
  • Create Govt. & Commercial Compulsion for Reasonable levels of Quality.
  • Establish a Media For Exchange.
  • Establish an Extensive Program for Training.
  • National Standardization Efforts.
  • Public Awareness.

International Quality Standards

If each country had its own set of standards, companies in selling in international markets would have difficulty in quality documentation standards in the countries where they did business.

ISO 9000

It is set of standard governing documentation quality program. Proving to a qualified external examiner that they have completed with the entire requirement certifies companies. Once certified, companies are listed in a directory so that potential customers can see which companies have been certified and to what level. Compliance with ISO 9000 standards says nothing about the actual quality of a product. Rather, it indicates to customers that companies can provide documentation to support whatever claims they make about quality.

Five Documents of ISO 9000

ISO 9000 actually consists of five documents;

  1. ISO 9000
  2. ISO 9001
  3. ISO 9002
  4. ISO 9003
  5. ISO 9004

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