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MGT601 - SME Management - Lecture Handout 36

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Measures to Implement

Measures to implement the Programme of Action include the organization of international meetings in the field of appropriate industrial technology, the establishment of a consultative group on appropriate industrial technology and the monitoring and analysis and follow up for appropriate choice of technology presupposes the existence of alternative technologies for production and knowledge and information about them. One of the first tasks is to enlarge the flow of available information. With this in view the evaluation and comparison of alternative industrial technologies will be merged for selection. This information made available should be fed into the Industrial And Technological Information Bank.

Available Information

Available information on technologies could also be enlarged through the systematic identification of technologies including the traditional ones available in developing countries themselves. With this input projects can be initiated through national research institutes, systematic survey of indigenous technologies in selected branches. The surveys are expected to bring out material on the basis of which some of the existing technologies could be upgraded and some others could be transferred for adoption by other countries. It will also provide it methodology for systematic action by the research institutes in the elaboration of their research programs.

Methods of Integrating Science & Technology in Economic & Social Development

The rapid and fruitful application of industrial technology to industrial development could be achieved only if the attempts to promote appropriate industrial technology are part of the main stream of industrial development and not apart from it. To reach this goal by stimulating policy and decision makers, enterprises and research institutes for promoting the application of appropriate industrial technology; stimulating suppliers of technology and equipment in industrialized countries to undertake the necessary adaptation and redesign to suit the needs of developing countries; stimulating government and donor agencies in industrialized countries and in developing countries with sufficient financial resources at their disposal to allocate more funds to co-operative programs on appropriate technology; mobilizing existing research capacity in research organizations, universities, private enterprises and particularly small companies and individual investors so as to promote the adaptation of available technologies and the development of new technologies where necessary.

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MGT601 - SME Management - Lecture Handout 21

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What a Bank Needs to Know About You

This section discusses the information lenders may need to have before they can assess your request for finance. As stated earlier, it is good to policy to be as open and transparent with your bankers or financial advisers as you can. This will enable them to grasp the full situation and to give you appropriate advice. To withhold important information, such as your possible liabilities with other lenders or the fact that you have already pledged your assets, may cause difficulties at a later stage.

General Credentials

If the leader you have approached does not already know you well enough, it is best to have some general background information ready. This may include the following:

  1. Letters of introduction
    If you are relatively new in business and not yet known in your business community, you may find it worthwhile to seek the sponsorship of someone respected by other business people who is sufficiently acquainted with you to be able to give you a reference. A short letter, setting out your achievements and testifying to your good character and integrity, is a traditional method of introduction. Its effect will be positive if the referee is a person well regarded in the business community.
  2. Your Profile
    This is a resume or curriculum vitae, setting out your educational achievements, professional training, qualifications and experience, and your employment record and achievements. It is a helpful introduction to you and need not be longer than a page or two. If you are a newcomer to the business community, your profile will help your bank to assess your capacity for conducting trade, producing goods and services for export, and managing people. You may also want to attach to your profile any certificate or reference from former employers if you feel this will help to show up your experience and capacities, especially if the employer is known and respected, and has written favorably about you.

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