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MGT602 - Entrepreneurship - Lecture Handout 15

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  1. To explain the aspects of the entrepreneurial process.
  2. To explain the differences between entrepreneurial and managerial domains.
  3. To explain the organizational environment conducive for entrepreneurship.
  4. To identify the general characteristics of an Entrepreneur.
  5. To explain the process of establishing entrepreneurship in an organization.


A sound idea for a new product or service, properly evaluated, is essential to successfully launch a new venture. Some of the more frequently used ideas for new entrepreneur include consumers, existing companies, distribution channels, the federal government and research and development


Potential entrepreneurs should pay close attention to the final focal point of the idea for a new product or service the potential consumer. This can be an informal or formal survey of consumers expressing their opinions. Care should be taken to ensure that the idea represents a large enough market.

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MGT613 - Production / Operations Management - Lecture Handout 29

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Learning Objectives

  • Explain the working and usefulness of Aggregate Planning.
  • Identify the variable decision makers to work with in aggregate planning and some of the possible strategies they can use.
  • Describe some of the graphical and quantitative techniques planners use.
  • Prepare aggregate plans and compare their costs.

Planning Horizon

Aggregate planning: Intermediate-range capacity planning, usually covering 2 to 12 months.

Planning Horizon

As Operations Manager we should be able to understand and identify the various Planning Levels which are Short Range Plans, Intermediate Plans and Long Range Plans.

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