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MGT510 - Total Quality Management - Lecture Handout 41

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Building Quality through SPC

Statistical Process Control

  • Capable processes also must be controlled
  • SPC distinguishes 2 types of variability
    • Normal (Random) Variability
    • Abnormal (Structural) Variability

SPC requires the use of Statistics

MGT520 - International Business - Lecture Handout 42

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Once companies decide to enter markets, they must then analyze data to determine their market potential in each country and their marketing mix to reach the potential.

Total Market Potential:

To determine potential demand, managers first estimate the possible sales of the category of products for all companies and then estimate its own company’s market-share potential. In order to do so, they estimate per capita consumption and move it along a trend line as per capita GNP increases.

Gap Analysis:

Once a company is operating in a country and estimates that country’s market potential, it must calculate how well it is doing there. Gap analysis is a method for estimating a company’s potential sales by identifying market segments it is not servicing adequately.

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